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Re: Kudos to High Energy Physics packagers (Re: r3479 - /projects/science/trunk/debian-science/tasks/highenergy-physics)


On 07/13/2012 06:48 PM, Lifeng Sun wrote:

> Unfortunately, Herwig++ is also missed and failed to enter Wheezy,
> although I filed RFS more than one month ago.

Args. I presume the answer to Herwig and to all those tools seeing
new important versions will be backports.debian.org.

We have not addressed b.d.o much over the past releases, but with
more and more packages in our distribution there are  more
and more package that just do not fit into the Debian release schedule.
The official answer to that is backports and I see its importance
to increase also for us.

My personal answer, but that is not for everyone, has been for a
while to run servers with testing, not with stable, and this works
amazingly well. Updates are tested on my laptop first, but that's about it.


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