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RE : Bug#679990: ITP: clipper -- object oriented development kit for crystallographic computing

> Hello,

> thanks to both of you for your answers. I subscribed to the ITP bug. I
> will write to Carlo Segre tomorrow.


> I also cloned the git repo. From a quick look at the commit messages, it
> looks like some of the original patches don't apply on latest cctbx. If
> it is so, I will first try to remedy that (a good way to understand
> those patches ;-)

the original patches when imported with the gbp-pq utility and I did a few modification to apply hem on the current stable release.
But Radi did all the job so I let you see with him if he needs some help on the patch area.

the problem is that we need to work on 3 packages before working on cctbx
so maybe it would be better to concentrate for now on

mmdb, gpp4 and clipper.

thoses package just need to be imported from Ubuntu and clean a little bit to be Debian ready.
Indeed we also need the answer of the Ubuntu Maintainer to avoid conflic due to the Debian -> Ubuntu synchronisation.

mmdb is already available in the git repository, and only gpp4 and clipper need to be imported from Ubuntu.

I let both of you decide on which package you want to work :)

I can gives advices to both of you :)

See you


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