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Re: [OT - or may be not] The case for open computer programs

On Tue, May 29, 2012 at 03:42:13PM +0200, Gerber van der Graaf wrote:
> It probably might be a good idea to include a statement or discussion at
> the DebianSciene wiki pages concerning this topic? 

The fact that a scientific program is in Debian main is already a
statement that its source code is open for acedemic peer review.

Or are you talking about Open Access?  I am not sure how to push this as
a whole in the context of Debian Science - obviously a lot of the
project members strongly believe in Open Acess.  The only tangible
measure I could think of is to remove links/references to non-Open
Access journals from our metadata - a measure I personally do not think
is warranted at this point.


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