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Re: Debian at GSI

Hi Yaroslav,

up-to-date documentation really is a weak point here :-(
Maybe we have to make friends with our marketing department - even though they are on Macs ...

On 05/21/2012 02:57 PM, Yaroslav Halchenko wrote:
I wonder if there is any representative page at gsi.de
which would mirror your statement?
The most "official" page about Debian at GSI is most probably
http://www.gsi.de/informationen/wti/it/linux_e.html . Anyhow this page is also outdated due to a lot of restructuring of the IT department as well as plans to replace the lousy content management systems.

We normally point our users to http://wiki.gsi.de/Linux as a starting point. The most relevant and most up-to-date public documentation will be there and luckily at least http://wiki.gsi.de/Linux/BatchFarm is not shamefully outdated.

Most of the documentation for our daily work is actually inside a private wiki. I always intended to strip out and publish the general knowledge base stuff, but it's quite hard to split this from the GSI-specific and internal parts of the documentation.

Googling for debian on gsi.de comes back with lots of links, including
such as
Upgrade to Debian 2.0/Kernel 2.1.125  Thomas Neff: October 16, 1998
At least 1997 may not be that wrong as a starting point :-D


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