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Debian science packages and gcc 4.7


debian/unstable has gcc 4.7, and the C++ compiler enforces the C++11
norm. That means a few things which compiled well before just error out.

The sage project has a list of problems which could be of interest :
notice though that the patches they have might be dirty (adding
-fpermissive isn't a fix, it's a workaround, and it doesn't solve
everything), and they only seldom get sent upstream.

In particular, givaro compiles ok, but it's examples don't compile and
its headers break other packages (linbox)! Fortunately, upstream just
got version 3.6.0 yesterday. I discussed the matter with Felix
Salfelder since I knew he was working on that package :-)

I open that thread to raise the issue more publicly so all affected
packages are uncovered and dealt with.

Hope that helps,

Snark on #debian-science

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