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Re: ITP: sumo -- Simulation of Urban MObility

Hi Andreas,

it will be under debian-science umbrella [1].
Sorry, I forgot about long-description...

SUMO is a highly portable, microscopic road traffic simulation package
designed to handle large road networks. It is mainly developed by
employees of the Institute of Transportation Systems at the German
Aerospace Center. SUMO is open source, licensed under the GPL.

"Simulation of Urban MObility", or "SUMO" for short, is an open
source, microscopic, multi-modal traffic simulation. It allows to
simulate how a given traffic demand which consists of single vehicles
moves through a given road network. The simulation allows to address a
large set of traffic management topics. It is purely microscopic: each
vehicle is modelled explicitly, has an own route, and moves
individually through the network.


[1] http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=debian-science/packages/sumo.git


Am 18. April 2012 22:58 schrieb Andreas Tille <andreas@fam-tille.de>:
> Hi Anton,
> despite the fact that a long description is missing I wonder whether we
> might find a reasonable category for programs like this in Debian
> Science.
> Any suggestions?
> Kind regards
>    Andreas.
> On Tue, Apr 17, 2012 at 10:30:23PM +0200, Anton Gladky wrote:
>> Package: wnpp
>> Severity: wishlist
>> Owner: Anton Gladky <gladky.anton@gmail.com>
>> * Package name    : sumo
>>   Version         : 0.15.0
>>   Upstream Author : Institute of Transportation Systems at the German
>> Aerospace Center
>> * URL             : http://sumo.sourceforge.net/
>> * License         : GPL
>>   Programming Lang: C
>>   Description     : Simulation of Urban MObility
> --
> http://fam-tille.de

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