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pycdf vs. scipy.io.netcdf vs. python-netcdf4


I'm looking at the problem of netcdf-wrappers for python. Unfortunately
there seem to be multiple:
* pyCDF
* scipy (scipy.io.netcdf)
* python-netCDF4

Of which only scipy is in Debian. pyCDF appears to have last been
updated in 2007. python-netcdf4
seems be 'compatible' with scipy, in that it is based on netcdf4 rather
than netcdf3, but otherwise
follows the same API. ( I don't believe the underlying objects are

I'm proposing to package python-netCDF4 for Debian, as some code depends
on it. Does anyone know
of plans to merge these projects?


Alastair McKinstry ,  Computational Scientist <alastair.mckinstry@ichec.ie>
ICHEC, Room 301, IT Building NUI Galway,  Galway , Ireland
tel: +353 91 495946

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