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Re: New Debian Science metapackages (Was: debian-science_0.16_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable)

On Wed, 18 Apr 2012, Michael Hanke wrote:
> > - catchy release notes statement highlighting well-covered fields of
> >   science, computing platforms (distributed, MPI, ...),... 
> +1e+127

;-) overflow!!! ;)

> It should not be difficult to collect enough superlatives to justify a
> publication. However, I think, we also have to present a couple of
> actual scientific endeavours that rely on Debian where we can get some
> stats on how many lab/people use it for what.

+ finally
could support the claim of Debian being not only used for science but
investigated by scientists ;)

> Main theme of the paper could be that only via collaborative work we can
> support such a universal tool.

I would have taken a different angle -- it is through the collaboration
we have reached such heights.  Sure thing more collaboration is great
(and that what we should aim behind the curtain with such a
paper), but we should not seek it explicitly. 

> The more specialized a particular
> application is, the more it relies on software that is written by other
> and maintained by other from other fields of research (or even outside
> science). No individual field of research has enough manpower to support
> such an endeavour on its own. It would not be hard to argue that
> interdisciplinary collaborations are the major source/driver of innovation
> in pretty much any context. Debian is just that -- an interdisciplinary
> collaboration we vast practical benefits that are readily available to
> anyone who wants them (and knows about them).


> This paper should have a looong list of authors, with a list of
> affiliations that the world hasn't seen before!

it is sad that ATM we are limited only to the surface of the
planet... although -- who knows??

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