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Re: adding a new file using (d)quilt

On Thu, 2012-04-12 at 13:06 +0200, Thibaut Paumard wrote:
> Le 12/04/12 12:50, Gerber van der Graaf a écrit :
> > Hi, for packaging freefoam-user-doc I intend to include the static file
> > UsersGuide.pdf.gz as asymptote is currently broken.
> > (http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=668286)
> > Also, generating the manual pages for the freefoam package does not work
> > for the moment as a2x from asccidoc does currently not work properly.
> > The idea is to include these files statically (for the moment until
> > mentioned packages have been repaired) using (d)quilt.
> Hi,
> It's not OK to include a binary file which can't be built automatically.
> That's called "fails to build from source in a sane way".
> That said, you can't use a diff file to include a binary file. That's
> why we now use debian.tar.gz rather than .diff.gz. The right solution is
> to list your file in debian/source/include-binaries, see man dpkg-source.

Doesn't this make it a non-free package?  I think the right solution is
to strip the un-buildable binary out of the upstream source and re-make
the .orig.tar.gz with .dfsg in the version.  And ask upstream to put the
source in the next version.

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