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adding a new file using (d)quilt

Hi, for packaging freefoam-user-doc I intend to include the static file
UsersGuide.pdf.gz as asymptote is currently broken.
Also, generating the manual pages for the freefoam package does not work
for the moment as a2x from asccidoc does currently not work properly.
The idea is to include these files statically (for the moment until
mentioned packages have been repaired) using (d)quilt. But my workflow
does not seems to work:
dquilt new 'patch'
dquilt add file
dquilt refresh

The patch only contains:
Binary files /dev/null and b/doc/UserGuide/UserGuide.pdf.gz differ

Resulting that it removes properly the file(s) when invoking 'dquilt
pop', but is unable to recover them using 'dquilt push'. I also tried to
'touch file' in order to create an empty file first before adding to the
patch, but this does not make any difference. In addition, this would
probably cause a different checksum in upstream source compared with

What is the proper way to handle this?
Thanks, Gerber

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