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Re: Debian at ESRF


This is excellent news !

Grenoble is a place where Debian has a strong presence. I am a professor at the Université Joseph Fourier
in applied mathematics and Debian is both used in research and teaching. I am a strong advocate of Debian there
but not the only. Once you've tested its power and especially in scientific computing, it is very hard to use something 

Know also that the mesocentre CIMENT (for high performance computing [1])  in Grenoble uses also mainly Debian !

I would be glad to send information to colleagues in Grenoble regarding this workshop and perhaps attend myself.

1. http://ciment.ujf-grenoble.fr/

Best regards

On Wed, Apr 18, 2012 at 8:53 AM, Jerome Kieffer <Jerome.Kieffer@esrf.fr> wrote:

Dear debian-science community,

Following Yaroslav's message, I would like to advertize the migration
of the European Synchrotoron (http://www.esrf.eu) at Grenoble to
Debian6; succeeding to RedHat4 and Centos5. For the moment, the
migration is ongoing: only the computer controlling the particle
accelerator, a few data analysis servers and part of the computing
cluster has been migrated but most of the computing infrastructure
will migrate this year.

ESRF aims at organizing a workshop around debian, introducing the new
operating system for the scientists and explain to IT staff how to
distribute and backport software. We would like to invite some
representatives of Debian-science to join this workshop. For the moment,
neither the date neither the program is fixed. We should have some
budget for travel reimbursement.


Jérôme Kieffer
On-Line Data analysis / Software Group
tel +33 476 882 445

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