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Re: Status of salome package

On Tue, 2011-06-14 at 09:21 +0200, Alain Leufroy wrote:
> > Andre, has upstream merged in your new versions of the patches, or do we
> > need to forward-port them all again to send in for merging?
> Let see the end of this mail, I've pasted the answer of the upstream
> (in french).

Wow, thank you very much Alain!  I am glad to see that upstream has
accepted so many of these patches.

> >From erwan.adam@cea.fr Mon Apr  4 16:53:09 2011
> Date: Mon, 04 Apr 2011 16:53:00 +0200[B
> From: Erwan ADAM <erwan.adam@cea.fr>
> To: alain.leufroy@logilab.fr
> Cc: BERGEAUD Vincent <vincent.bergeaud@cea.fr>, Vincent LEFEBVRE <vincent.lefebvre@edf.fr>, Nicolas Chauvat <nico@logilab.fr>, Andre Espaze <dede@logilab.fr>, alain@logilab.fr
> Subject: Re: patches Salome 5.14
> Bonjour,
> Votre contribution concernant la compilation
> des paquets debian de salome 5.1.4 a été analysée,
> mergée dans la branche V5 et mergée dans la
> branche V6.
> Les prochaines versions de salome contiendront
> donc ces modifications :
>     o 6.3.0  prévue mi mai 2011
>     o 5.1.6  prévue fin juin 2011
> Merci encore,
>          E. Adam
> PS : Ci-joint l'analyse qui a été faite des patchs
> # -----------
> The following patches have not been applied because they modify the 
> checks detecting presence of the SALOME modules to find the SALOME 
> modules in Debian-correct directory locations only
> kernel-debian-dirs.patch
> gui-debian-dirs.patch
> geom-debian-dirs.patch
> med-debian-dirs.patch
> smesh-debian-dirs.patch
> visu-debian-dirs.patch
> The following patches sets format of pictures generated by doxygen to 
> SVG format in order to minimize their size. The patches have not been 
> applied because SVG format is correctly supported since doxygen-1.7.2 
> while we currently use doxygen-1.6.1. The patches will be applied as 
> soon as we pass to doxygen-1.7.2 (or a later version).
> kernel-doc-images-svg.patch
> gui-doc-images-svg.patch
> geom-doc-images-svg.patch
> med-doc-images-svg.patch
> smesh-doc-images-svg.patch
> visu-doc-images-svg.patch

This much is fine, it should not be a problem to maintain the
Debian-specific patches and the svg doc patches.

> kernel-mpi-libs.patch has not been applied as it is Debian-specific. It 
> modifies check_mpi.m4 by adding libmpi++.so, which is a symlink to a 
> concret MPI implementation, to MPI_LIBS variable.

We can re-name the debian-specific ones, such as kernel-mpi-libs which
should be kernel-debian-mpi-libs.

> geom-fix-clean.patch has been applied partially; the part removing the 
> code renameing geompyDC.py to geompy.py for the sake of correct 
> documentation generation has been ignored. Another solution for the 
> problem fixed by that patch part has been implemented.
> med-scotch.patch has been applied partially; a part of the patch 
> unconditionally including mpi.h in tests of the scotch library 
> (check_scotch.m4) has been ignored. The part patching 
> MEDSPLITTER_SCOTCHGraph.cxx has been ignored as it does not work with 
> the current version of the scotch library and unconditionally includes 
> mpi.h.
> med-safe-include.patch has been applied partially; parts of the patch 
> unconditionally including mpi.h into MEDMEM source files has been ignored.
> geom-mpich-mpi, smesh-hdf5-needs-mpi.patch and visu-hdf5-needs-mpi.patch 
> have been ignored as they add CHECK_MPI (possibly needed for hdf5) into 
> configure.ac. Another solution has been implemented: CHECK_MPI has been 
> added to check_hdf5.m4

It sounds like upstream has made many of the above patches work for us,
and a little bit of work will fix the last few.

Merci beaucoup encore Alain, this is terrific news.  It will take a
little bit of work to forward-port what's left, and I'll try to make
some time in the next couple of weeks to make this happen.

That said, this will make it much easier to maintain the Debian Salomé
package going forward.  I am glad that we have a channel to work with
upstream on making Debian and its derivatives first-class platforms for
running this first-class engineering software suite!

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