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Re: Code aster changelog

Dear Andrea,

A quick note about python dependencies:

> > I would be nice also if you could detail the reason
> > behind:
> > "Builds only against python2.6"
> To summarize, ATM there are issues (still uninvestigated) when building
> with 2.7, so we agreed to make it build only against 2.6 to have a working
> package forn now, and work to fix this issue later. Maybe a line like
> "builds only against python2.6 due to unresolved issues with python2.7" is
> better?

python 2.6 will be removed from unstable  "as soon as we can after 2.7 is 
default" (in the words of one of the python maintainers). This is likely to be 
done on the "few weeks" timescale rather than "few months" (although these 
sorts of python transitions do have a habit of taking a bit longer than 
everyone plans). Adding another thing that requires python 2.6 won't help this 
process; it might not necessarily hinder it either, but then you'd get an RC-
buggy package straight away.

Perhaps spending the time to work out what's wrong with the package under 
python 2.7 prior to upload would be better. The guys in #debian-python on 
irc.oftc.net (irc.debian.org) don't bite :)


Stuart Prescott    --    www.nanonanonano.net

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