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Re: updating mpi-defaults (decommissioning lam)

Hi Nicolas!

Thank you very much for investigating and your patches!

On Tue, May 10, 2011 at 08:16:52PM -0700, Nicholas Breen wrote:
> The second category are packages that still Build-Depend directly on LAM or
> MPICH1, part of the list at [1].  There are only six of them left!  I've
> submitted patches for five; the last, xmpi (#571448), is part of LAM/MPI itself
> and cannot have its B-Ds changed.  They should be removed from the archive
> together.  One of others, python-scientific, is orphaned; IANADD, so could
> someone please take a look at the patch [3] and make a QA upload?

I'll have a closer look tomorrow.

> Let's not let another release cycle slip away!

Full ACK!

Best regards,

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