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Re: Goals for Wheezy

On 2011-02-08 17:15, Sylvestre Ledru wrote:

I think it is now time to discuss a bit about what we want to do for the
next release.

I have some stuffs in mind (the order does not mean anything):

* Goto BLAS packaging
* MPI implementation uniformisation

What are your opinions ?

I'd like to add :
 * pkg-config support for all libraries

I'd particularly add this for APIs with multiple implementations, eg. MPI, BLAS, etc. It would be good to move away from the 'exceptionalism' of mpicc, mpif90, for MPI (and similar tricks for linking NCL, etc. in climate & weather toolkits), and be able to do:
 LIBS:= $(shell pkg-config mpi blas netcdf --libs)
Once we iterated on this, I will create a page on the wiki to summary
all discussions.



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