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Re: MPI issue on sparc ? Boost::mpi looks for OpenMPI but it should be LAM no ?

Hi Adam,

thanks for your answer !

On Fri, Jun 11, 2010 at 8:05 PM, Adam C Powell IV <hazelsct@debian.org> wrote:
If mpi-default-dev points to lam, then why is OpenMPI installed in the
system?  Just use mpi-default-dev and libhdf5-mpi-dev and they should be
consistent.  If they're not, then HDF5 needs a bin NMU.
I am not depending on hdf5, it gets installed due to another build-depends (I am not sure which one)
I of course use mpi-default-dev which points to lam
unfortunately openmpi gets installed too and has higher priority than lam and all the defaults point to openm pi
mpic++, incluce, libs...


Likewise with boost, that should be built using mpi-default-dev, right?
boost is also build-depending on mpi-default-dev

I believe neither  life or boost are at fault but rather mpi-default* which has an inconsistent behavior on sparc

Are you suggesting that mpi-default-dev should conflict with every
non-default mpi-dev package on a given architecture, to make certain
that nobody has it installed when building such packages?
I suggest that if lam is the default implementation then it should be  the default
if openmpi is installed it becomes the default
log on smetana.debian.org and do ' dchroot unstable'  and check for yourself.

[Separate issue: if there's openmpi on Sparc, why is it not the
good question.

 I fixed the problem by enforcing lam
I set the MPI_COMPILER to mpic++.lam explicitely rather than mpic++ which points to the openmpi one

also there is a mpicxx for openmpi but none for lam . So the alternatives are not consistent
should I fill a bug on mpi-default* ?

Best regards

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