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Re: Bug#573187: transition: mpi-defaults


As asked during yesterday's release team meeting, I did a partial
archive rebuild on amd64 with a modified mpi-defaults pointing to mpich2
instead of openmpi. The goal is to detect issues that will show up when
the slower arches are switched to mpich2. (I know the plan is not to
switch amd64 to mpich2)

After searching for /mpi/ in build-depends and depends, I rebuilt the
following 118 packages: advi apbs apron ara arpack
avant-window-navigator blacs-mpi blitz++ boost-defaults boost1.40
boost1.42 bytecode camlp5 ccsm coccinelle code-saturne
compiz-fusion-plugins-extra compiz-fusion-plugins-main
compiz-fusion-plugins-unsupported compiz compizconfig-backend-gconf
compizconfig-backend-kconfig compizconfig-python coq deal.ii dolfin ecs
elmerfem eog epix exempi fftw fpc frama-c gdcm gearhead2 gearhead
geneweb gerris gpiv gpivtools grace gromacs gst-plugins-bad0.10 haxe
hdf5 hedgewars hpcc hypre icecc igstk illuminator imapcopy intercal
ironpython ksplice kwwidgets laby lazarus libcompizconfig libfvm libgpiv
liblicense libmesh libtool life log4cxx lwt m-tx meep-mpich meep-openmpi
meep minc mpb mpi-defaults mpich2 mpich mpqc mseide-msegui mtasc mumble
mumps music mypaint nautilus netpipe nordugrid-arc-nox octave3.0
octave3.2 openmpi paraview petsc pgapack piespy pmk protobuf-c
python-scientific qemu-kvm qemu regina-normal rmpi root-system scala
scalapack scotch slepc spooles ssreflect stlport5.2 tellico tracker
tree-puzzle trilinos tuxguitar vtk why xmds xmpi

The following 11 packages failed to build:
apbs looks for mpi.h in the wrong place
blacs-mpi missing target 'build-mpich2' in debian/rules
gdcm ?
igstk No rule to make target `/usr/lib/libmpi_cxx.so' (?)
kwwidgets No rule to make target `/usr/lib/libmpi_cxx.so'
life matrixpetsc.hpp:49: error: using typ edef-name 'MPI_Win' after
mumps ld: cannot find -lblacs-mpich2
petsc Nonexistent directory: /usr/lib/mpich2 for key with-mpi-dir (?)
pgapack cd: 4: can't cd to lib/linux/
rmpi configure: error: "Cannot find mpi.h header file"
scalapack missing target 'build-mpich2' in debian/rules

So, it looks like it is mostly build system bugs, and it should not be
too hard to fix.

All the logs are available in
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