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Re: Yet another list statistics for debian-science

On Tue, 20 Jan 2009, Brett Viren wrote:


It is interesting work.

Thanks.  BTW, according to some request of debian-user-german I
cropped the surname to one letter to regard some data privacy.

If you want suggestions, it would be nice to know the total number of
posts per year (excluding spam, if possible).

Well I detected about 4500 SPAM mails when I processed the list archives.
But there is no guarantee that not many more remained undetected - so
SPAM is just a thing we have to live with.  In fact the original idea
for these stats came when I thought about reducing the SPAM effect.
I just assumed that a spammer would not make it into the top ten
posters list (which worked with exception of debian-enterprise ;-)).

As is, an apparent
"slow year" is ambiguous.  It may be due to actually more conversation
by more diverse contributors taking the load off the primaries.  Or,
due to simply less conversation across the board.

You are right.  I actually intended to add the percentage to the
posters name which would transport quite the same information but
will not force me to learn more detailed R graphing - but I try
to regard your hint anyway.

Although, one thing is clear, 2008 was the "Year Of Andreas" in this

Well, that's what I really care less about.  In contrary I would
*really* love to loose this position.  My intent was to trigger other
peoples activity to lead this project.  Being the top poster means
I failed in this intend.  So no, I'm really not proud.  Anybody wants
to cure this stats for 2009?

Kind regards



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