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Re: Science group on alioth

[ I originally sent this by mistake to Christophe only, sorry about
the extra noise]

    >> Before we kill pkg-science, are people ok with pkg-scicomp
    >> including e.g. graph theory?  I.e. stuff outside the normal
    >> "numerical" idea that some people have about scientific
    >> computing? I certainly don't mind, but when I hear "scientific
    >> computing", I think of numerics.

    Christophe> I guess you are referring to metis and scotch.  These
    Christophe> software are actually quite important in numerical
    Christophe> computations for example in mesh partitioning or
    Christophe> linear algebra.  Software/libraries like petsc,
    Christophe> trilinos, suitesparse for example are using them and
    Christophe> they are all about numerics.

No I was thinking more about software like polymake
(http://www.math.tu-berlin.de/polymake) nauty
(http://cs.anu.edu.au/~bdm/nauty/) (which is not DFSG free, but for
sake illustrating the type of software) or latte

The question I was trying ask is how broad the pkg-scicomp groups sees
its mandate. 

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