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Updated list of OepnCascade sub-packages

I've updated the list of proposed Debian packages for OpenCASCADE.  Changes:
  1) Define stuff using syntax that can be included in shell or make
  2) Fix a few mistakes concerning which toolkits go in which packages
  3) Define packages in terms of documented OpenCASCADE modules

Revised package list:

  foundation : "Foundation Classes"
  model : "Model Data", "Model Algorithms", and parts of "Data Exchange"
  vis   : "Visualization" and TKVRML from "Data Exchange"
  ocaf-lite : "Light-Weight Application Framework"
  ocaf : "Application Framework" and parts of "Data Exchange"
  test : "Test Harness" (DRAW)
  wok  : "Development"

The following packages will *not* depend on X11:
  foundation, model, ocaf-lite

The following packages *will* depend on Tck/Tk:
  test, wok

DXE ("Data Exchange") is split so as to allow as much "data exchange" as
possible for minimal dependencies.  And the DXE stuff in OCAF is more an
extension to OCAF to support DXE components than a stand-alone capability
so it is probably better in the OCAF package anyway.  TKVRML depends on
vis components but not OCAF, but is also only used for visualization
(isn't practical as a "data exchange" format), so it fits well in the
'vis' package.

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