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Re: Splitting up OpenCascade packages

Le lundi 14 janvier 2008 à 10:56 -0500, Adam C Powell IV a écrit :
> On Mon, 2008-01-14 at 09:31 -0600, Jason Kraftcheck wrote:
> > Adam C Powell IV wrote:
> > 
> > Thanks for for considering splitting up the packages (and for packaging
> > OpenCascade).  I will read the archive of the debian-science discussion
> > when I get a chance, but I haven't done so yet.  Hopefully the majority of
> > my response below isn't stuff that's already been worked out in other
> > discussions.
> Nope, mine was really the only comment on the substance of your post.
> (There was also a thank-you from Sylvestre.)
It is not only a thank you but a suggestion to open a svn repo on alioth
to retrieve all the files in order to checkout quickly the source and
trying to building it ;)


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