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Re: software for generating image files from gridded arrays of data?

On Wed, Apr 18, 2007 at 08:02:43AM -0600, Paul E Condon wrote:
> I need a simple way to turn an array of data values into
> a picture. I think I once did this with imagemagick but
> when I looked at the documentation yesterday almost none
> of the documentation was familiar, as if there has been
> a major redirection of the project. Can I use the
> imagemagick that is in Etch? How? Or is there a different
> package that can start with data 
> _that_is_not_already_in_a_recognized_image_format?
> I remember that imagemagick had a way of treating a 
> binary file as raw image, and allowed one to tell it
> the image size with command options, but I couldn't
> find it documented in the current version. Is my
> memory simply faulty? Was it some other software?
> I generate the data from several existing sources of
> gridded geographic data, e.g. USGS, NASA, USDOE. But
> I want, for each data set, a picture and a matching
> collection of numeric data, free of image formatting.
You can look into pgm and related formats; there exists a simple
whitespace-separated ascii digit (!) style and a binary style.  Both
have an ascii header and use either 1 or 2 byte pixel values.  See eg.
pgm.5 from the netpbm package.


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