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Re: Thread wikified - Was: Re: Installing the whole set of scientific packages

On Sun, 18 Feb 2007, Andreas Tille wrote:


Thanks for your sumarizing of the metapackages / tasksel thread.
I added some hints about helpful debian-edu packages (not complete
there are more interesting fields in Debian-Edu but I'm running
out of time for the moment.

I do not like to quote myself but nobody has shown any effort to
complete the wiki.  We had some suggestions in the thread about
scientific fields we *want* to cover.  So far for the brain
storming.  Now begins the real work: Please start with filling
in the dependencies in the Wiki.  Once we have a reasonable
amount of packages I'd volunteer to start a debian-science
package using cdd-dev (if nobody insists and makes a better

Kind regards



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