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Re: [ROOT] New release of Debian ROOT packages - DevelopmentSnapshot

Hi Valeri!

On 30 Oct 2006, at 14:43, Fine, Valeri wrote:

For me

Xlib: extension "XInputExtension" missing on display "localhost: 10.0".
Failed to get list of devices

sounds like some problem with the Qt installation alone. Can you confirmn the Qt tests do work properly there? (by the way which version of Qt on LD_LIBRARY_PATH ? )

Tests with the qt3-examples show the same two lines of output, so I assume it's normal with my setup. Could it be the local X server? That would be Apple's "X11 1.1 - XFree 4.4.0". Concerning Qt, I'm using the Debian package, version 3.3.7-1, and LD_LIBRARY_PATH is unset. Everything seems to work fine, though. I tried hello and dirview, navigation works with mouse or keyboard. Is there a critical one, which would have a higher failure probability?

Anyway, this is evolving away from ROOT, and I can certainly live with those two extra lines of output. Thanks for your responses.


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