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Re: RFS: engauge-digitizer

charles-debian-nospam@plessy.org wrote:
> this software looks cool! I am not a DD, and not very experienced
> neither, so my inspection is likely to be quite superficial. Here are
> a few comments.

Any comment is welcome! Thanks for your valueable input.
> - It has been suggested on debian-devel that the description of a -doc
>   package should not be a cut-and-paste of the one from the main
>   package, because it can perturb tools which parse the package
>   descriptions.

I had checked with some random example -doc packages. They were
probably not the best to choose. Changed.

> - If you use dh_installman, then you probably do not need:
>   install -m 644 debian/digitizer.1 $(CURDIR)/debian/engauge-digitizer/usr/share/man/man1

True. dh_* stuff is even more handy than expected sometimes.

> - It you do not provide examples, then you do not need to run
>   dh_installexamples.

True aswell. Both fixed. 
Upload will be kept pending for a day or two, in case of further

> Good luck for your sponsor hunt!

Thanks again!

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