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jabref destiny

Dear All,

Since recent sun java entered official debian non-free I thought to
raise back discussion on jabref packaging for debian.

I am following up on jabref RFP->ITP bug as well as to people who showed
their interest in having jabref packaged for Debian.

At the moment, there is a preliminary packaging available along with
original ITP (outdated 1.7 version I believe) and uptodate 2.0.1
(with 2.1beta patches) from Gregor Herrmann repository

I am not sure what Gregor's intent is regarding the package: I've
downloaded .deb from your repository and it installed seemlessly. deb
was lintian/linda clean and it seems that it was maintained by him for a
while now, and even reflected recent inclusion of java into debian.

Gregory, would you mind being official maintainer for the package
and seeking the sponsor for it (may be someone  debian science  DD would
be motivated enough to become permanent sponsor ? :-)) Or there is
something which forbids you from doing that?

Thank you all in advance and thank you Gregor for providing jabref

P.S. Gregor, Unfortunately could not inspect jabref package thoroughly
 lacking read permissions for us ;-)

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