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[OT] Last call for the session `libre software for scientific research' at LSM 2006.

Sorry for this message slightly off-topic.

Alain Coulais and I are organising the `libre software for scientific
research' session at LSM 2006 (an event in France for the free
software community) July 4th - July 8th.

  [en] http://prog.rmll.info/wakka.php?wiki=ThemeScienceAppelEn
  [fr] http://prog.rmll.info/wakka.php?wiki=ThemeScienceAppelFr

  [wiki] http://prog.rmll.info/wakka.php?wiki=ThemeScience
  [to be completed with final program] http://www.rmll.info/theme_26

We have put the focus this year on free software aiming at graphical
representations and handling of scientific data.

We are still open to speakers that would plan to attend the event (by
the way notice the final date for inexpensive housing registration is
June 9th).

So if you are interested in giving a talk there please contact us.

We also consider having some round table among packagers of scientific
software from different distributions.

Feel free to give the word to people you think might be interested in.

Best regards,
Frédéric Lehobey

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