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Re: Genetics Program

On Thu, 8 Dec 2005, Dirk Eddelbuettel wrote:

That ITP is officially dead. Action, if any, can be had around the pkg-bioc
project on alioth where we have some rough code to spew out hundreds of .deb
packages based on sources from both CRAN and BioC.

I just notice that I was actually talking about the Emboss suite
(http://www.emboss.org/) and not bioconductor - but the situation seems
to be similar (if not worse than bioconductor).

Welcome to the club, but, as you know, whining alone doesn't get us there

Surely not.  I just wanted to know if your local harddisk has perhaps
better code than public archives and we could get some help from your site.

[ It is also unclear, at least to me, whether adding some 120 (for
BioC) packages (or 600-some in the case of CRAN) to Debian en bloc is wise. ]
But I want the apt-get'ability of CRAN and BioC, maybe from outside archives.

If you and probably other people as well who are interested in biological
research I see no reason to keep these packages outside the official Debian
archive.  I know that Debian-Med has at least one effect: We are winning
users in the field of biology and medicine and we are winning them because
we are at least promising to care for them - even if we proceed slowly.

One day someone with both an itch to scratch _and_ the will and time to work
on it will push this further. Steffen Moeller did the last iteration and
created a large number of apt-get'able packages.  But that site was a
one-off, hence has not been updated, was never fully checked against Policy,
Lintian et al and may also have gotten temporarily lost in his move from
Rostock to Luebeck. Steffen can tell you more.

Well since Steffen moved he seems to be a little bit more busy than before.
Perhaps he has to do some sightseeing in Lübeck first. ;-)

Now, to make this a tad more actionable: Would someone want to make revival
of this an item for the suggested Estremedura workshops and get some people
in the same room for two or three days to push this further?  Anybody care to
run with that idea and organise it?

Extremadura workshop about R?  I guess this is a great idea!  Even if I
will not take part in one of the first announced meetings I hope to be
there in at least one at the end of the year.

Kind regards


Wenn durch das Land die Grippe saust, es meiner ganzen Sippe graust.


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