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Re: Imview package

On Wed, 17 Aug 2005, Vincent McIntyre wrote:

G'day Vince,

> The karma package (www.atnf.csiro.au/computing/software/karma)
> may be of use as well, it is fast but demands well-formed input files.

I don't recall, is karma and miriad DFSG Free?

I know Richard Gooch works/worked on the kernel, so knows about Freeness,
so presume he wrote them GPLed?

Incidentally, the latter is definitely one of these examples you brought
up the other day about software that has a whole bunch of modules that are
themselves executables that runs under another shell and is a bit unclear
as to where they should go.  And personally, I think the way miriad works
is somewhat genius, so I don't agree with the guy who said they were
examples of poorly written scientific software :)

Kvis or kview (can't remember which) is one of these programs that clashes
with the same named program in the KDE suite.  What to do about that -- I
just made sure /usr/local/karma was before kde?  I would say it was stupid
having such a generically named program in the KDE suite, but then again,
it is kinda silly to have such a generically named program in the karma
suite too.

Do you have a login to APAC?  Have you checked out their "module" system
for adding things to the path?  Someone brought up the objection that they
don't want a PATH with 1000 entries, but would they indeed be making
regular use of 1000 packages?  Personally, I make use of 16 of the APAC
provided modules:

2025,5> type module
module is a function
module ()
    eval `/opt/Modules/$MODULE_VERSION/bin/modulecmd bash $*`
2027,7> module avail
utility.c(2340):ERROR:50: Cannot open file '/opt/Modules/3.1.6/modulefiles/mathematica/5.1' for 'reading'
SRB/3_3_1(default)           hdf4/hdf4Intel               matlab/6513
abinit/4.3.3                 hdf5/hdf5GNU                 matlab/6513SP1
amber/7nf                    hdf5/hdf5Intel               matlab/7R14
2028,8> module load intel-fc
2029,9> echo $PATH

> Time is nature's way of making sure that everything doesn't
> happen at once.
And space is so that it doesn't all happen to you.
          -- Matthew L. Martin and John D Salt in ARK

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