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Imview package

Hi all,

Nice to see this list liven up so quickly, obviously there seems to be
a need for it among Debian using scientists. There has already been a
number of useful unofficial Debian packages and repositories
mentioned, so I might as well put a plug here for one I've made.

A year or two ago I was looking for a way to visualize data from 2D
X-ray and neutron detectors. I was looking for an image viewer which
would let me inspect matrix format data easily with different
colormaps etc. Matlab has a nice image plotting facility, but since I
use Octave, and Gnuplot being what it is I needed something else. I
found the offerings of the Debian archive lacking with respect to
quantitative image display, but found Imview by Hugues Talbot
(http://www.cmis.csiro.au/Hugues.Talbot/imview/), which did most of
what I wanted after a little interface coding with Octave.

I packaged Imview, put up an ITP, uploaded the source to
mentors.debian.net and looked around for a sponsor with a few emails,
but none appeared. The source is available at

deb-src http://mentors.debian.net/debian unstable main contrib non-free

if anyone wants to take a look. Package names are imview and imview-doc.

If there's a developer willing to sponsor these packages to Debian I
would be happy to work with him/her. And, if there is software with
similar functionality in the archive already, please drop me a note.


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