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Spectrophotometer software

Dear all,

I am working at the biochemistry center at Heidelberg university. My
"daily bread" are spectrophotmetric analyses: Concentration
determinations, enzyme kinetics and spectra recording.... As some of
you may know, the software generally provided (well actually it is
most often sold for an unbelievable amount of money) is of extremely
poor quality (particularly the GUIs) and almost always "Windows only".
Furthermore, in a grown lab environment you have different models and
different brands, all with different (poor and non-intuitive) GUIs. As
I am preparing "the switch" of our lab from M$ to Linux I was looking
for a piece of software that runs under Linux, has a nice and usable
GUI and is more or less photometer brand independent. So far I haven't
found a program (possibly using the wrong keywords at Google or sf).
So I was thinking about a project to write such a software myself.
The idea:
- command line tools to communicate with the photometers in a
transparent fashion (that is the user does not have to know the
details about the specific photometer he/she is using but just tell
the PC once which one it is).
- A very basic (and BASIC-like) scripting language (read absorbance,
spectra, file IO, move to a cuvette etc.)
- and a GUI-frontend to the above.

Unfortunately, I haven't done much coding for a couple of years (did C
and assembler on my beloved AMIGA back in the 90s....), so I need to
refresh my knowledge there (OOP seems to remains a mystery to me :| ).
Furthermore I have no experience in programming C under Linux (GUI and
the hardware related stuff (RS232 etc)) as I am still some sort of
newbie to Linux.

Thus (finally) my questions:
- Is anyone aware of a (GPL) piece of software that (at least
partially) does some of my above outlined jobs
- Is anyone interested in such a project or may contribute useful
hints of any kind?

Thanks for listening!


Stephan Gromer, MD. PhD.
Work: Biochemie-Zentrum Heidelberg / Im Neuenheimer Feld 504 / D-69120
      Heidelberg / Tel.: +49 (6221) 544291 / Fax.: +49 (6221) 545586
Home: Sternallee 89 / D-68723 Schwetzingen / Tel.: +49 (6202) 855038
      Mobil: +49 (172) 7694555 / URL: http://www.gromer-online.de

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