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Re: Adding own Software?

Am Dienstag, den 16.08.2005, 01:00 +0200 schrieb Dirk Nolting:

> During my PhD thesis I started to develop a program to calculate the 
> isotopic distribution of a molecule. AFAIK there is no program within 
> debian to do this. Therefore I would like to contribute this program to 
> debian.

Do it. Now! :)

> I'm not sure what you think about people contributing their own software 
> or about such a program which is only of use for a small group of users.

There are a lot of programs for a small group of people. Build a package
for your software and provide it. 

> So would it make sense to contribute a debian package

Yes, of course.

> and if yes how to proceed best?

If you want to build the package yourself, you should open an ITP
bug-report against wnpp, read the Debian New Maintainers Guide, build
your package, upload your (source) package (maybe to mentors.debian.net)
and discuss the result with experienced packagers/developers (e.g. at
mentors mailing list). If everything is ok, search for a sponsor (read
the mentors faq) or become a DD (described somewhere at debian.org) to
officially get your package into Debian. If you don't want to package
the software yourself, you should open a RFP bug-report against wnpp and
search for someone, who wants to build the package.

Regards, Daniel

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