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ROOT and Debian

Hi all,

First off ... great initiative. 

Second, a disclaimer ... I'm not a Debian Developer, lawyer, or
anything, but I do have a fairly good relationship with the ROOT

Now, I've noticed that there's been a great deal of discussion going on
on this list about ROOT [1], and how to get it into Debian.  I
understand that very well, as ROOT is a great piece of software, and
Debian is a cool OS. 

Let me start by summarsing the situation regarding ROOT and Debian, as I
see it.  

In the ROOT source tree is a number of script, that will set up the
`debian' sub-directory to build a number of Debian packages of ROOT.
The packages are 

 libroot            	 Numerical data analysis framework - shared runtime libraries
 libroot-dev        	 Header files for ROOT
 root               	 Meta package to install all ROOT packages
 root-bin           	 Numerical data analysis framework - general applications
 root-cint          	 ROOT version of the C/C++ interpreter
 root-doc           	 Tutorial and test suit for the ROOT system
 root-plugin-asimage	 AfterImage plugin for ROOT
 root-plugin-castor 	 CASTOR plugin for ROOT
 root-plugin-chirp  	 Chirp plugin for ROOT
 root-plugin-clarens	 Clarens plugin for ROOT
 root-plugin-dcache 	 dCache plugin for ROOT
 root-plugin-fumili 	 Fumili plugin for ROOT
 root-plugin-gl     	 GL plugin for ROOT
 root-plugin-hbook  	 Hbook plugin for ROOT
 root-plugin-krb5   	 Kerberos (version 5) plugin for ROOT
 root-plugin-ldap   	 Ldap plugin for ROOT
 root-plugin-minuit 	 Minuit plugin for ROOT
 root-plugin-mlp    	 Multi layer perceptron plugin for ROOT
 root-plugin-mysql  	 MySQL client plugin for ROOT
 root-plugin-netx   	 NetX plugin for ROOT
 root-plugin-oracle 	 Oracle client plugin for ROOT
 root-plugin-peac   	 PEAC plugin for ROOT
 root-plugin-pgsql  	 PostgreSQL client plugin for ROOT
 root-plugin-proof  	 PROOF plugin for ROOT
 root-plugin-pythia5	 Pythia version 5 plugin for ROOT
 root-plugin-pythia6	 Pythia version 6 plugin for ROOT
 root-plugin-python 	 Python plugin for ROOT
 root-plugin-qt     	 Qt plugin for ROOT
 root-plugin-quadp  	 QuadP plugin for ROOT
 root-plugin-ruby   	 Ruby plugin for ROOT
 root-plugin-sapdb  	 SapDB client plugin for ROOT
 root-plugin-venus  	 Venus plugin for ROOT
 root-plugin-xml    	 XML reader plugin for ROOT
 root-proofd        	 Parallel ROOt Facility - distributed, parallel computing
 root-rootd         	 ROOT remote file server
 root-xrootd        	 Extented ROOT file server
 ttf-root           	 True type fonts for ROOT
 ttf-root-installer 	 True type fonts for ROOT - installer package

Now, I'm afraid I cannot point you to a apt mirror, as I do not have
enough publicly available disk space. 

Note, that on a pristine Debian system, it may not be possible to build
all packages, especially things like `root-plugin-oracle',
`root-plugin-sapdb', and other packages that depend on third-party
non-free packages. 

In a mail [2] to this list, Ricardo Yanez, complains that the scripts
does not work, and that it's due to a problem in using the system
libafterimage.  However, as Ricardo is well aware of, this problem has
been fixed in ROOT some time ago (as discussed on the ROOT mailing

Ricardo's approach is to hand-write a lot of stuff just for Debian,
while my approach has been to make simple, common files, used by both
Debian and RPM packaging tools, to make sort of `standard ROOT packages'
on all GNU/Linux platforms - something that is very attractive to
Physicist working in many places all over the world, all the time. 

And frankly, I think Ricardo's assessment, that `A newbee would scratch
his/hers head just to pass this little hurdle', is a tad overdone.  I've
explain the various reasons, for the various errors and features of the
packaging script _adopted_by_ROOT_ to him, both personally, and

One of the reasons for the confusion, is that I do not back-port fixes
to the packaging scripts, nor does ROOT back-port changes in general.
Ricardo have tried to build the _stable_ release of ROOT, in which the
packaging scripts does not work.   The reason why they don't work, is
because some changes happened in ROOT that I was not aware of (nor was
told of), that messed up some particular things like the libafterimage

With regards to the module loading, the problem is that CINT (the
underlying C/C++ interpreter) uses `file extensions' to recognise file
types, rather than using file magic.   That means, that CINT forces
loadable modules to end in one of `.so', `.dll', `.a', `.shl', or
`.lib'.  As long as these modules are just that - modules - there's
actually not such a big problem.  The problem comes, because the modules
are sometimes treated as shared _libraries_, installing them in
`/usr/lib/root', instead of something like `/usr/lib/root/plugins'.
I've raised the issue with the main authors of ROOT, but I don't think
they have made any decision just yet.  

Of course, ROOT should also accept Libtool libraries (.la), and may do
so soon, if CINT starts to use libltdl, as many things could indicate. 

With regards to licensing, I believe that there's something waiting in
the wings.  I've had discussions with the main authors, and I think they
are leaning towards the LGPL with some renaming clause.  I suggest we
bite our tongue and wait and see. 

>From a legal point of view (note my initial disclaimer), I think ROOT
should not go into Debian until the license issue has been fixed
upstream.    However, I know what the upstream authors really are
worried about, is someone `stealing' ROOT from underneath their feet.
They do not oppose a DSFG-free license at all.  In fact, they have asked
me what I think they should to get accepted into Debian proper. 

My biggest concern, regarding ROOT and legal issues, is the fact that
ROOT depends on certain TTF fonts, and these are either in the
msttcorefonts package, or there's no package for them in Debian
(symol.ttf, for example).   With some minimal tweaking, ROOT could use
the TTF of freefonts or something like that.  However, that's a source
code change, and one would need permission to redistribute that. 

I've asked the upstream authors why they do not use the TTF extension in
X.  They replied, that since ROOT is supposed to work on many platforms,
some sporting very old version of X, using the TTF extension isn't an
option.   However, I think they are working on it. 

Kevin, if ROOT changes the license, will you sponsor the packages? 


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[1] http://root.cern.ch
[2] http://lists.debian.org/debian-science/2005/08/msg00093.html

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