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Re: gnuplot

Igor Khavkine wrote:

I noticed that, when speaking of plotting programs, some people had
very negative feelings about gnuplot. Personally, I've found gnuplot
to be a very useful and versatile program. I've even used to produce
figures for some publications.

So I'd like to know what are the biggest complaints that people have
about gnuplot? I'm sure these comments would also be useful for other
people who are considering using this program. One thing that can be
offputting is the bare command line interface. However, I'm interested
more in comments about its functionality rather than interface.


For starters
1) It cannot plot across rows. It can plot only across columns
2) Almost all the data processing has to be done using some outside program. It would be nice if it has more inherent data processing capabilities. 3) Not much 3D support - Stream lines cannot be drawn, vector plots cannot be drawn.

Kamaraju S Kusumanchi
Graduate Student, MAE
Cornell University

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