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Re: Welcome to Debian Science!

> How are you finding it compares with MATLAB in terms of speed?

Thats a great question. So far, I don't know. I've been impressed that
python/numarray is very snappy  and matplotlib has really just been
for plotting. I haven't really taxed it yet, and I haven't compared
directly with matlab code. I have some matlab code for image
reconstruction that my group uses and can take 30-40 minutes to run.
Once I implement it in python, I'll report back. (Efficiency always
rouses my interest, often when its not even important.)
> I'm currently a MATLAB user (not something I'm especially proud of
> given my views on free software...), but am thinking of switching to
> Python. I'd love to find out more about others' experiences of
> switching from MATLAB to Python -- recommendations, comments,
> suggestions would be great.

There are definitely differences. I've used IDL more than Matlab, but
in either case I think there will be some transition pains. The simple
stuff is pretty easy, but if you use lots of toolboxes, you may have
some work ahead of you. This was useful to me:

The more I use python, the more I like it!

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