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Re: Any latex gui with vim key bindings?

JD Rogers wrote:

If what you are looking for is just a vim gui, there are several...
vim-gnome, vim-gtk, and others (kvim looks like it was removed from

Yes, kvim has currently been removed. Even before that it is really buggy (with automatic windows resizing etc.,) anyway. So I always used vim-gtk even in KDE.

For the latex part, you may want to look at the package
vim-latexsuite which I haven't tried but looks interesting.
If you read my original message, I have said that I have already tried vim-latexsuite and texmacs. I am not really satisfied with both of them. vim-latexsuite - though intuitive is not WYSIWYG texmacs - though WYSIWYG kinda editor, has a complicated way of writing latex file thus making it difficult to read/grep the actual file.

If by GUI, you meant WYSIWYG, then lyx is probably your best bet, but
I strongly urge you to try to learn latex directly. I puttered with
lyx for a while, but even though latex comes with a little learning
curve, its well worth learning. Its much like HTML in many ways..
Except that it does not have a good editor associated with it. HTML has very good editors (like nvu etc.,). But Latex does not seem to have such GUI editors.

In the end, I still recommend kile which is not vim-keybindings, but
very nice for latex editing.
I will try kile. Thanks

PS:- If possible, please bottom (or inline) post to messages.

Kamaraju S Kusumanchi
Graduate Student, MAE
Cornell University

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