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Re: Is engineering on-topic?

Thaddeus H. Black wrote:
> Is engineering software on-topic here?

I think so.

I think engineering has as much overlap with some areas of science as say
physics and chemistry do.  Probably more overlap than physics and biology do.

> Current Debian examples of engineering software include
> tochnog, nec, geda, acs and lam4.  A physicist might
> find tochnog and lam4 almost as interesting as a
> mechanical engineer did.  On the other hand, if
> electrical engineers started discussing VHDL on this
> list, the scientific subscribership might get pretty
> bored pretty fast.

I think that we get that problem as soon as we talk specifics in any discipline
- certainly there are science packages that have no relation whatsoever to my
own research, and in which I am therefore not very interested.  That doesn't
mean that people shouldn't discuss them on this list :)


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