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Re: Adding DASD to a Debian guest

On Sat, 19 Sep 2015 18:15:16 -0400 (EDT), Philipp Kern wrote:
> On Sat, Sep 05, 2015 at 05:12:30PM -0400, Stephen Powell wrote:
>> No.  The hook script was written by me years ago, and I put it in the
>> bug report, but it was never incorporated into the official package.
> You were of course right all along. I'll add the hook script to the
> package ASAP (I just tested it). WAIT_FOR_SYSFS probably has to go,
> because it's long deprecated, so I'll retry testing without it. But
> apart from that it works.
> Root on LVM should work afterwards as long as you have /boot outside
> of it (zipl requirement). It requires another patch to zipl-installer to
> make it work, but I have and tested that part already. (Essentially
> taken from lilo-installer.)
Another thing I would check on, both in zipl-installer and lilo-installer,
is to make sure that the /boot partition, whether it is a separate
partition or whether it is included in /, is not formatted with the btrfs
file system.  I'm pretty sure that neither boot loader supports btrfs.
Only boot loaders which have file system drivers, such as grub and extlinux,
support btrfs, IIRC.  Neither lilo nor zIPL understand the format of the
file system and require files to be in the "extent" format.  Furthermore,
I don't believe that btrfs supports "mapping" a file to physical blocks.

Note that if /boot is a separate partition, then / can be btrfs; but if /boot
is included in /, then / cannot be btrfs.

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