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Re: Adding DASD to a Debian guest

On Sat, 05 Sep 2015 13:56:07 -0400 (EDT), Philipp Kern wrote:
> As much as I dislike sysconfig-hardware, it's probably the thing we
> should do: Include a hook script that includes enough of
> sysconfig-hardware to bring up hardware early in the initrd. (Best to
> not fail if any of it is missing at this point. Debugging from within
> the initrd is awkward.)

I don't dislike sysconfig-hardware, per se, but I do dislike the lack
of documentation.  It was apparently written by SUSE.  They used it
themselves for a while, then abandoned it.  (I don't know what they
put in its place.)  Furthermore, the version we use differs from the
version SUSE last used in several ways, including naming conventions.
So for all practical purposes, Debian is now its own "upstream" for
sysconfig-hardware.  So we can do whatever we want to with it.
> I was under the impression -- mostly because of the presence of the
> mentioned hook script -- that this already happened.

No.  The hook script was written by me years ago, and I put it in the
bug report, but it was never incorporated into the official package.
> The route SUSE
> went with running grub2 from a kernel image booted by zipl and then
> kexec()ing into the right kernel and initrd is a bit too much, though.

I agree.

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