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Re: Hercules Bus Error

On Wed, 19 Feb 2014 22:19:23 -0500 (EST), David Clements wrote:
> My initial response to your response was short, sharp and yes, crude,
> but....
> I sent this problem report to the wrong group.

OK, so you sent the problem report to the wrong group.  We all make mistakes,
myself included.  But how was I to know that you had sent the problem
report to the wrong group?  I can't read minds.  There's no need to get
mad about it.  I responded based on the assumption that you posted to
debian-s390 on purpose.  What else could I do?
> There is no correct way to use debian. As I said in a post on my original
> issues with hercules and debian-390 testing, I use debian because it gives
> me what I need from a distro.

Whatever floats your boat, man.  But when you use Debian in ways that its
architects did not design it to work, you severely limit the number of
people that will be able to help you should you have problems.  I was
just trying to explain how its architects designed it to work.
> I do not use the debian supplied version of hercules, it does not provide
> the functionality I need, so I use later versions from the github repo.

Again, whatever floats your boat, man.
> I use bash as my default shell, for all non-root work, I do not use dash nor
> am I interested in why debian uses dash.

bash is the default shell for the login shell on Debian.  But a shell script
which specifically points to "#!/bin/sh" will run under dash by default on
a Debian system, unless you have made alterations to it.  Debian switched
to dash for improved speed, especially during the boot-up process.
If you want to make bash your default shell for shell scripts, again, whatever
floats your boat.  I just wanted to make you aware of this issue.
> I use later kernels to fix stall
> problems on my AMD cpus, I could go on and on.

Fine.  Again, whatever floats your boat.
> I use debian the way I want
> to, if I wanted to be dictated to about how I use my systems I would use
> OSX or Windows.

I did not dictate to you.
> My goal is to test new functionality in hercules, if this means I misuse or
> abuse debian and or it's tools then so be it.

> I worked with real mainframe boxes both as an engineer and a systems
> programmer for more than 40 years, during that time I always had the
> belief, philosophy if you like, that there was always some who knew more
> than I on any given subject.

I am a systems programmer for IBM mainframes myself, still actively employed.
And I share that belief. 
> To summarize, please don't presume to lecture me, particularly as you said
> in your first sentence "I admit that I don't understand all that you have
> written", without first trying to ascertain the questioners level of
> expertise.  If you feel you can help in the spirit the question was posed
> in, then great, otherwise.......

I did not lecture to you.  That is your interpretation.  I was just trying
to be helpful.  Let me know how your strategy of insulting those from whom
you are trying to obtain free help works out for you.

  .''`.     Stephen Powell    
 : :'  :
 `. `'`

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