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status of s390 toolchain maintenance


yesterday Aurelian Jarno did switch the GCC default to 4.8 in the VCS. However I
don't see him in the Debian GCC maintainer list as GCC port maintainer.  In the
past I only did see s390 contributions and s390 related bug triage from Bastian
Blank.  Is this change coordinated with Bastian?  Please could both of you add
the relevant information to the README.Debian (or send me patch), if you are
actively involved in GCC maintenance on s390(x)?

Also I note that the list of s390 porters on [1] talks in the past tense.
Please could you update this list to the list of *current* s390 porters?

Plus there is no ports page for s390x at all. I think it would be worthwhile to
document who cares about the s390x port, or point to the s390 page if that is
the right thing to do.

Thanks, Matthias

[1] http://www.debian.org/ports/s390/

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