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Re: Squeeze failing during "Select and Install Software"

Mr. Kern !

Thank you for that suggestion, it got me going in the right direction.
Actually, the "installer" ID puts the installation SYSLOG in :

and once I looked in there and then learned how to use the cat and tail
commands to view the file and see what it was complaining about, the problem
was obvious..

NOT ENOUGH DASD !    So, after giving it four 3390-27's with their 32000
cylinders, the install went smoothly to a successful conclusion....

So that takes care of that problem ... any of the rest of you who are going
to try this remember...4 3390-27's ... maybe 4 3390-9's with 10017 cylinders
would have done the trick but I'm not smart enough yet to find where Linux
tells you how much of any volume you're using.  Anyway, the install
succeeded, but now I have another problem... and I will open another thread
to discuss it.
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