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Re: Access to s390 porter machine

Stephen Powell <zlinuxman <at> wowway.com> writes:

Hello S31.)  It will no doubt
> take the Debian s390 port some time to recover from his loss.
> Since Debian is an all-volunteer organization, and sincete we have
> no corporate sponsorship from IBM for system z, IBM System z servers are
> hard to come by for the Debian project.  (Not too many private individuals
> have a 64-bit mainframe in their basements.)  Frans himself used
> the Hercules emulator running under Linux on an Intel box, I believe,
> to do his work, and I suspect (but do not know for certain) that
> the production build servers do as well.  Frans was doing the
> daily builds of the squeeze Debian installer for the s390 platform
> himself, the last I knew.  I just tried the link myself:
> http://people.debian.org/~fjp/d-i/s390/images/daily/ and got a
> "404 - not found" error; so we have no e builds.  That
> issue needs to be addressed.
> I have access to a real IBM mainframe owned by my employer, and I
> can sometimes test things for Debian, if it is in my employer's
> interests to do so; but I am not in a position to offer a "porter
> box" to Debian.  It doesn't belong to me.  I run Debian for s390
> in a virtual machine under z/VM; so if there's anything VM-specific
> that needs tested, I might be able to help.

Hello Stephen

I want to install Debian on Mainframe z10 EC, I was successfully booted it
through DVD but the problem is that it is not detecting any of the OSAs. And
while installing SUSE I didn't face any problem.

Please guide me how to install it on LPAR.


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