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Re: Installation of Debian under z/VM 530

I took the liberty of correcting your typos, including those in
the subject line.

On Wed, 15 Sep 2010 12:42:47 -0400 (EDT), Alain Benveniste wrote:
> I'm not allowed to install Debian from the Net.

I'm not sure what that means.  Does that mean that you are not
allowed to use the http protocol, or does that mean that your
VM system has no access to the Internet at all?

> So I chose the
> hidden FTP method, only viewable when we choose the low option
> through Installer.

I assume that you are referring to debconf/priority=low as an
option in PARMFILE DEBIAN.  That implies that your VM system
*does* have access to the internet, or you couldn't use FTP.

> Now that I have my ISO file, I have no idea
> if this file has to be on a CMS mdisk, an SFS or a BFS?

When installing in a virtual machine under z/VM, you shouldn't
need an ISO file.  But let's back up a minute.  Most Debian
mirrors do support the FTP protocol, as well as the HTTP
protocol.  But to the best of my knowledge, the security
server and the volatile server only support the HTTP protocol.
If you aren't allowed to use HTTP, you won't be able to
pick up security or volatile updates.  That would not be
a good thing for security.  If HTTP is truly forbidden, ask
your management to reconsider.  Preventing security updates
harms everyone.

Perhaps the real rule is that all HTTP access must go through
an HTTP proxy.  That is not a problem.  The Debian installer
provides a way to specify a proxy.  And if you don't specify
it during installation, you can manually configure apt after
installation to start using a proxy.

On the s390 platform, an ISO file is normally used to burn
a CD, which can be used to install Linux directly into an LPAR.
But you don't want to run Linux in an LPAR, you want to run
it in a virtual machine under z/VM. CDs, or the .iso images
from which they are created, are not normally needed or used
for installing in a virtual machine under z/VM.

> If the
> installer is waiting for a CMS iso file, how [does] it resolve the
> concatenated subdirectries it adds?  And there is no way to
> overlay what the wget does, because extra directories are added
> to what is entered in the screen installer.

I think you're confused.  I know I am!  I don't know what
you're talking about.  You might want to read a post that I
made to another thread which gives some more detail about
the typical installation procedure in a virtual machine under


> Looking too into the
> /var/log/syslog we can see that the default for the defaultnet
> is not

The installation of the s390 port of Debian GNU/Linux in a virtual
machine under z/VM requires that the virtual machine be configured
using static addressing.  The use of DHCP is not allowed under
these circumstances.  Thus, it is your responsibility to configure
the network correctly.  If you aren't sure what to use for the
various configuration values, ask your network administrator
for assistance.

> I would like to know too what we can code into the parmfile.
> I didn't fnd any doc related to this ?
> If anyone can bring some light ? That's would be fine :)

That is documented in the installation guide.  (I am assuming
that you want to install Squeeze.)


See section 5.2, boot parameters.

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