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Installation od Debian under z/VM530


I'm not allowed to install Debian from the Net. So I chose the hidden FTP method, only viewable when we choose  the low option through Installer.
Now that I have my ISO file, I have no idea if this file has to be on a CMS mdisk, a SFS or a BFS ? If the installer iw waiting for a CMS iso file, how it resolves the concatened subdirectries it adds ?And there is no way to overlay what the wget does, because extra directories are added to what is entered in the screen installer. Looking too into the the /var/log/syslog we can see that the default for the defaultnet is not

I would like to know too what we can code into the parmfile. I didn't fnd any doc related to this ?

If anyone can bring some light ? That's would be fine :)


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