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Re: help on porting to s390

Hi Bastian

> Some questions:
> - Why is DebugStream no std::ostream? The usual method is to define your
>  own streambuf and make it modify the output according to the
>  definition.
The DebugStream is actually doing quite a few nice things

> - Why do you redefine {u,}int{16,32,64}_t?
I don't redefine them I just create some alias with a _type suffix
that allows me to have
the same notation throughout the code

> Now for the problem:
> Relevant part of the output:
> | note: Life::DebugStream& Life::DebugStream::operator<<(const char*) <near match>
> | note: Life::DebugStream& Life::DebugStream::operator<<(const std::string&) <near match>
> | note: Life::DebugStream& Life::DebugStream::operator<<(Life::DebugStream& (*)(Life::DebugStream&)) <near match>
> This argument types are all pointer or implicitely convertible into a
> pointer. So it is most likely that the input was a pointer.

I thought so myself at first but I don't see anypointer

> Now there is a problem, this code is already undefined:
> | BOOST_FOREACH( std::string const& s, _M_to_pass_further )
> Names beginning with a _ and an uppercase letter are reserved for the
> implementation.
what do you mean ?
I use this convention to known whether the data is a member of the class or not
_M_ -> class member

thanks for the comments, I will have a look on the porterbox

Best regards

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