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Bug#499833: [SOLVED] - chccwdev cannot set device offline in Lenny

Stephen Powell wrote:
> I finally found the cause of this pesky bug!
> At some point, an "aptitude full-upgrade" seemed to fix this problem.

That was probably at times that sysconfig-hardware was broken... A next 
fixed version of that package would have reintroduced your "problem".

> The problem is that I could never come up with a consistent failure
> scenario.  Well, today, I finally did.  It turns out
> that, for me, the failure only occurs when using four device numbers:
> 0400, 0401, 0402, and 0403.  When using any other device numbers,
> everything works fine.  Searching my machine, I found four mystery
> files:

They are not mystery files at all. They are part of sysconfig-hardware and 
their exact purpose is to bring up devices during system boot!

They were almost certainly created when you installed the system because 
you selected at that time to activate the devices.

> These were all empty files, zero bytes each, the kind one would get with
> "touch" executed against a non-existent file name.

The files are essentially a trigger to bring the device up, so they don't 
need any content. But they can contain configuration settings (depending 
on the type of device).

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