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Bug#499833: [SOLVED] - chccwdev cannot set device offline in Lenny

I finally found the cause of this pesky bug!
At some point, an "aptitude full-upgrade" seemed to fix this problem.
But not always.

The problem is that I could never come up with a consistent failure
scenario.  Well, today, I finally did.  It turns out
that, for me, the failure only occurs when using four device numbers:
0400, 0401, 0402, and 0403.  When using any other device numbers,
everything works fine.  Searching my machine, I found four mystery


These were all empty files, zero bytes each, the kind one would get with
"touch" executed against a non-existent file name.  There was another
file in the same directory,


but this is for the (virtual) OSA card.  It is not a DASD device.  And its file
size is non-zero.

I'm not sure how these files got there.  They may be leftovers from
a process that did not complete for some reason.  Anyway, I erased the
files and now everything works as expected!  The device does not
come online automatically anymore, and when I vary the device off,
it stays off!  Hooray!  Sorry for all your trouble.

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