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Re: Minidisk support (was: Installation Question)

On Thursday 24 December 2009, Frans Pop wrote:
> Stephen Powell wrote:
> > "Partman does not recognize the pre-existing "partition" on disks
> > which are pre-formatted in the CMS non-reserved format or the CMS
> > reserved format."
> Right. That narrows it down a lot. Partman is almost exclusively shell
> script, and is because of that relatively easy to play around with. Main
> problem is that it's a *HUGE* amount of shell script, so the main
> challenge is to find the correct place in the code.
> This should be fairly simple to solve.

Hmmm. Possibly that info should come from libparted instead of partman 
itself. That would make it rather more difficult and probably beyond my 
skills. But we can give it a try.

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