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Re: Minidisk support (was: Installation Question)

Stephen Powell wrote:
> If I were to boil the problem definition down to one sentence it would
> be: 
> "Partman does not recognize the pre-existing "partition" on disks which
> are pre-formatted in the CMS non-reserved format or the CMS reserved
> format."

Right. That narrows it down a lot. Partman is almost exclusively shell 
script, and is because of that relatively easy to play around with. Main 
problem is that it's a *HUGE* amount of shell script, so the main 
challenge is to find the correct place in the code.
This should be fairly simple to solve.

> Well, I'm working on it, but I'm not there yet.  I am currently teaching
> myself bash scripting by reading online tutorials and man pages.  After
> that, I'll probably tackle awk, perl, and sed.

For this issue shell scripting (plus basic sed, find, etc.) is all that's 

> What I have is a real mainframe, a legitimate z/VM license, and a
> willingness to help.

If you can provide me with *exact* info I need and if you can reply 
quickly, I may be able to add support for this.
If you could provide me with access to a system that has these disks 
mounted that might work as well.

To start with:
- What device name does such a partition have?
- How could it be distinguished from a partitionable dasd?

Please send the replies for these questions to the BR instead of the list!

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